“Thank you for looking after Lilli for the last 3 years. She’s had an amazing start to school life, had so much fun and made some special friends.”

C&D M (via thank you card)

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In Pre-School there is a more structured routine, with children working in groups and becoming accustomed to paying attention for longer periods of time. Activities covered are based on physical, personal and social development as well as creativity and learning new skills.

The Pre-School rooms are open and airy with bright and flexible layouts to support the ever changing needs of a pre-school child. These rooms have their own ICT room to introduce computer work. They also have an area where they can enjoy the quieter activities such as reading, drawing and story times etc.

Pre-schoolers also benefit from having their own brightly coloured, age-appropriate furniture and facilities (including toilets) which encourage your pre-school child's independence and self-help skills.

Care and Support

We will always listen to the needs of your child and give extra support when, or if, you require it. We realise that children at this age develop at different paces, so we will help each individual to overcome challenges and to build on their strengths. We support children as they develop their social skills and behaviour to help them become members of the wider community.

As well as encouraging children to learn, we sometimes have to moderate behaviour. We do this by distracting the child and then asking them to think about their behaviour. We will always strive to ensure a happy environment where children are friendly towards each other.

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